Deer Repellent Ideas: The Useful, the Weird, and the Insane

In our last blog, we talked about some of the odd ways to keep deer off your property. We discussed how some websites will give you questionable advice, such as taking your hair and spreading it around your garden or even putting weird items on your fences, such as sacks of blood and rotting fish heads.Yes, it seems like there are no limits for weird suggestions when it comes to keeping deer and other animals away from your yard. Perhaps it is the trial-and-error complex that gets people so heated, but there are limitless suggestions to keep these pests from gobbling up your yard.
In this blog, we will continue going over some of the strange (and possibly useful) ways to keep deer for your lawn.


Useful Deer Proofing Ideas

It seems like the useful forms of deer proofing are hard to come by. It seems like you either find a deer repellent that might keep deer away, but could also kill them — and everything that else that breathes in a block radius. Chemical sprays can be dangerous and extreme. Of course, most gardeners don’t want to execute their local deer. Most times, they just want to find a solution that is as humane as possible. The internet has many different DIY deer repellent spray solutions, but we believe we have found two that work very well.
Obviously, professional, eco-friendly deer repellent is ideal. Instead of having to make a repellent, you just have to swipe your card and take a bottle home with you. But, if you are feeling like you can do it yourself, you can always try a spicy deer spray. What is a spicy deer spray?
Well, as stated in our previous blog, deer have very keen senses of smell — up to 297 million olfactory receptors. To put this number into perspective, a bloodhound only has 220 million receptors. But with this sense of smell, comes great consequences for deer. Because the smallest smells can seem twice as pungent, deer can get scared off by intense smells. The spicy spray provides a two-hitter for deer. For one, the smell of spice tingles their noses, and the taste will frighten them.
The spicy spray, despite its simple ingredients, is actually a complicated process to make. The spray takes about 48 hours to make and requires artful precision. Why? Because, if you ever have cooked with hot peppers before, you will know that the residue and smell lingers in your kitchen for days. And, no one really wants to spend 48 hours over a pot of ultra hot liquid and struggle to put it in a spray bottle. The process of making this witch’s brew is time consuming, difficult, and requires a lot of clean up time.

And Then It Gets Weird...

Spicy spray, sounds kind of normal right? Well, a wacky idea we came across is to have you dog mark your yard. Yes, so when your dog has to go to the bathroom, you have to make them urinate in a specific area of your garden. For anyone who actually owns a dog, you will know that you don’t have much control over where your dog lifts their leg — evidence by countless rugs, curtains, and couches that have permanent yellow stains on them. Most of the time, you take them outside, they do their thing, and you have to patiently and try to occupy your time until they are done.
You can’t really force your dog to pee in a specific area, but you can encourage them to pee in a general area. Whether your pet goes to the bathroom on your garden or near it, the local deer will get the message. Deer are giant scaredy-cats, which means the smell of a dog that is near or was near is enough to scare them off. Ultimately, having a dog, in general, can help you keep your garden safe.
Of course, this option isn’t foolproof, especially if your dog is preoccupied or isn’t monitoring your garden 24 hours a day. And, when you think about it, allowing your dog to pee in your garden is a bit gross. After all, if you are an avid gardener, you will probably be down in the dirt tending to your plants. If sitting urine-soaked dirt isn’t enough to deter you from this option, urine is acidic, which could actually do more damage to your garden than good.

Insane Idea That Could Keep Deer Away (And People)

Forcing your pet to relieve themselves in their garden is unusual, but not insane. However, peeing in your OWN garden, now, that is insane. It is true that human urine is enough to scare off deer. Just like canine urine, deer noses can’t handle the stench and will assume people or other animals are nearby. This might be a useful method, but who is actually going to pop-a-squat right in your own garden? First of all, this method isn’t full proof, mainly because deer are smart creatures and will eventually realize that there are no humans present. Second, even if it keeps deer away, it will also keep humans away as well. No one wants to be THAT person who uses their own urine to ward off deer.
WikiHow offers an alternative to this method by suggesting that you should pee in a squirt bottle, and then spray it around your garden — because that makes it sound less insane. So, while you are spraying your own urine around your yard, you may want to consider profession-grade deer repellent instead.

Everguard Repellents

Our deer and rabbit repellent is perfect for warding off deer and other animals. Instead of resorting to traps, DIY sprays, and yes, even urine, perhaps a professional repellent approach is more suited to the task. If you live on the East Coast and are looking for a solution to your deer problem, we can help. We offer an easy solution that can help prevent your lawn from becoming a feasting ground for local animals. Everguard Repellents provides animal repellent sprays for animals ranging from insects to deer. Contact us today if you are interested in a pest-free yard.

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