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32oz Ready-To-Use Deer & Rabbit

Tired of deer and rabbits eating your flowers and shrubs or destroying that row of arborvitaes you put up along the property line for privacy. Everguard™ Deer and Rabbit Repellent, designed and used daily by our commercial spray service, has proven to be safe, extremely effective deterrent against deer and rabbits. Concentrates mix easily with water and can be stored in your sprayer without worry of clogged nozzles or product going bad. Ready-to-use sprays just shake and spray your plants. Take back your yard and enjoy the beauty of flowering plants with Everguard™ Deer and Rabbit Repellents.

– Covers 40-50 shrubs (500 Sq.Ft.)

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- Covers 40-50 shrubs
- Covers 500 Sq.Ft.
- Ready to Use
- No-Offense Odor
- Long Lasting! Up to 8 weeks!
- Dual Action Formula
- Spray any time on new growth
- Rain and Snow Resistant
- Dries odorless and clear
- Wild Animal, Family & Pet Friendly
- For use on Bushes, Flowers, Shrubs, Trees

  • Non-offensive odor, won't leave you running for the house! Unique eco-friendly formula designed to safely repel deer and rabbits with a blend of thyme, clove, cinnamon and garlic oils that act as an effective smell deterrent and putrescent egg solids added as a taste deterrent
  • Year round protection, apply spray to plants and allow drying, Everguard™ is resistant to rain and snow, lasts up to 8 weeks in the winter and 5 weeks during the summer, during the summer, spray fast growing plants like hosta at least once a week for best results 32oz. ready-to-use will treat 40 to 50 shrubs
  • Handy write on label to track dates of applications 

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Weight 3 lbs
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