Meet Bob

Bob is your typical Whitetail American Deer. He is fun to look at but when Bob gets into the yard his instincts take over and no flowering plant in sight is safe.

It’s not that we don’t like seeing Bob, it’s just that his appetite for destruction was destroying our chrysanthemums and roses!

So we got creative and came up with an all-natural, eco-friendly repellent that keeps Bob & his friends from eating the landscaping… but doesn’t hurt them.

After years of hard work, field testing, and gaining eco-friendly approval, we were ready to offer our products to everyone. Now Bob and his forest friends are no longer interested in our landscaping… but we can still enjoy them from a distance.

Now we offer a full range of eco-friendly products to help you safely keep pests out of your backyard. Check out our full family of products available online and in stores across the USA.

Meet Rob

Learn more about Rob and how to keep him out of your yard!