• deer-repellent

    The One the Pros Use

    Trusted by commercial landscapers, Relied on by homeowners. 

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  • organic deer repellent

    Environmentally Friendly

    Safe For Use Around Children & Pets.

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  • rabbit-repellent

    New All Purpose Formula!

    Designed to combat small herbivore browsing.

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  • liquid deer repellent

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    You won't forget to protect your landscaping again!

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natural w sm  Eco-friendly products available across the U.S.A. • 877-771-DEER • Find A Retailer Near You, Click Here!
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Deer Repellent, Rabbit Repellent

Everguard Repellents have been designed and developed over years of field research. Our environmentally friendly deer repellent, rabbit repellent, skunk repellent stops herbivores from browsing your vegetation using an organic formula with no risk to pets and children. Try Everguard Deer Repellent and Rabbit Repellent today!