Katy S
Super Happy With This Spray
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I was skeptical based on the reviews. I didn’t want it to 1) destroy the new plants I was trying to protect from rabbits 2) not work 3) be so stinky that it made it a poor investment. I’d just spent hundreds of dollars on plants and that evening realized that now they were in the ground, they were at risk from the rabbits. It’s been three weeks and I’m very happy to report that the new plants haven’t been rabbit-ed. The older plants the rabbits had ravaged are growing back and looking good. The bottle itself arrived without a big mess and the smell is there but it doesn’t stick around and it’s not as offensive as some were claiming. I’m really happy. The plants needing protection are grasses and hostas.
C Smith
Works as well as much stinkier sprays
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Repellant sprays like this aren't foolproof. You need to apply them regularly or the deer and rabbits come right back. But this spray is nice because it doesn't smell horrible (like the ones that emulate fox urine) -- kind of a pleasant herbal sort of scent. I don't have to immediately take a shower if it drifts while applying.
M. Le Vine
Works Great on Squirrels
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Bought this because squirrels in our neighborhood kept raiding my wife's vegetable garden. A decent spritz of this stuff in a line around the perimeter fence seems to have done the trick as the raids went from frequent to almost nil overnight. I say *almost* because squirrels are persistent and creative and it took a few more applications in a few more points of entry we hadn't anticipated before they were well and truly thwarted. The scent is palpable -- I find it slightly musky with just a hint of something like black pepper to it -- but it doesn't faze me. My wife, whose olfactory senses are keener, says it's quite offensive when first applied and prefers not to be around when I'm spraying it, but its ability to rankle human noses fades fairly quickly once it's had a chance to settle a bit -- the squirrels, being low to the ground where it settles, aren't so lucky. I reapply it about once a week and the squirrel raids are no more. A little spray goes a long way, too, so this first bottle we've gotten should last quite a while, making it a good value. Added bonus: my neighbor's annoying dogs who bark at anything and everything also seem to be keeping their distance from the border fence where I've sprayed. Now if only I could anticipate where the dratted gophers will pop up next...
April G
My flowers are safe now!
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Love love love this product! Deer and rabbits ate my beautiful flowers and I had to replant more. This stuff works like a charm! My flowers are still intact and I am very happy!
Sharon S
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I am usually not a gardener but with covid 19 and my back surgery I needed some happiness. I purchased great flowering plants but the deer had a nice snack on some of them. I repurchased more flowers and used this and VOILA I have a garden again. Run and buy this. It works and won't harm any animals(deer, rabbits or my 4 rescue dogs).
Tiff tries it
Worked immediately! Just spray on- very easy!
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This is the best! It is effortless to use— spray it on and walk away. I noticed regrowth of my eaten plants within a few days which means that it worked! The lilies are now two feet high, so it has lasted. I will probably reapply again soon since it’s been a month and we have had heavy rain. Some reviews state that the smell is strong. It smells like an Italian kitchen with herbs cooking to me. It wouldn’t keep me from buying this. I 100% recommend this product!
Seems to be working!
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Works great so far as my Hostas are untouched by the deer and rabbits for 2 months now!
Smells great!
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FINALLY, an animal repellent that doesn't make my garden smell like something died in it! This has a nice, spicy scent and does the job keeping critters at bay. Love it.
Really keeps the deer away!
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Works great. My one critique would be the sprayer nozzle turns when trying to spray. The scent is not bad, compared to others I have used.