Having A Gran-old Time

New Granular Products Are A Game-Changer In Protection Regimine

As spring arrives, gardens burst into life with flowering plants and young vegetable shoots. For those of you who are on the front line in ensuring the success of these gardens, we have exciting news! Everguard Deer and Rabbit Granular Repellent is the perfect partner for our liquid repellents, creating an unbeatable combination that protects gardens during the rapid growth season of spring.

Plants grow quickly in the spring, and a monthly spray regimen sometimes can’t keep pace. While weekly applications could do the trick, they can be a strenuous task for gardeners to maintain. This is where our granular product shines. It serves as a formidable first line of defense, especially when young plants are most vulnerable. A single night of feasting by deer or rabbits can spell disaster – we once earned a new customer after they tragically lost nearly a thousand tulips, planted for their daughter’s wedding and they were devoured in one night.

To prevent such losses, start by laying down a barrier of our granular repellent around your plants and the planting area. This should be done alongside a 3 to 4-week spray regime with our liquid repellents. Keep in mind, if you’re facing persistent heavy rains, consider reapplying to maintain effectiveness. The granular repellent deters deer and rabbits right as they enter your yard, encouraging them to choose another path. This consistent reinforcement gently guides these critters away from your precious plants throughout the spring.

While the granular repellent is formidable on its own, we still recommend bolstering your garden’s defense with our liquid repellents. Our 32oz Ready to Use Deer and Rabbit Repellent is perfect for spraying new buds and leaves as they emerge. By combining these strategies, you ensure that your flowering beauties and vegetable gardens are safeguarded, allowing them to reach full bloom, and maturity, and yield a bountiful harvest.

Embrace this spring with confidence. Stock up on Everguard’s granular and liquid repellents. Let’s grow together!