Navigating the Deer Dilemma: Understanding the U.S. Deer Population Explosion

As spring unfolds across the United States, the budding flowers and greener landscapes bring with them a surge in wildlife activity. Among the most notable are deer, whose populations in certain regions have not just grown — they’ve exploded. This article delves into the heart of the deer population dynamics, shedding light on the areas […]

Top 5 States for Deer-Related Vehicle Accidents

Greetings from the Great Outdoors!Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Everguard Repellents Newsletter, penned by none other than your favorite repellent-inspired animated pests, Bob and Rob. As we embark on this journey together, we’re not just here to talk shop about our innovative repellents. Instead, we’re kicking things off with a topic that’s close […]

Having A Gran-old Time

New Granular Products Are A Game-Changer In Protection Regimine As spring arrives, gardens burst into life with flowering plants and young vegetable shoots. For those of you who are on the front line in ensuring the success of these gardens, we have exciting news! Everguard Deer and Rabbit Granular Repellent is the perfect partner for […]

Commercially Trusted Products for over 20 years

Welcome to the inaugural post of what promises to be the most entertaining clash of wits and wisdom the natural world has ever seen. Allow us to introduce ourselves: I’m Bob, the deer with a penchant for garden parties I was never invited to, and alongside me is my winged compatriot, Rob, a mosquito who’s […]